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Easter Favorites Reading List

Easter is coming up, and whether you are on the hunt for items for your little one’s Easter basket, or just need a few book recommendations before your next trip to the Library, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite Berenstain Bears Easter stories! We have added a few new books to […]

Berenstain Bears’ Literary Agent Passes Away at 102

Read the obituary here. My family’s literary agent of sixty years, Sterling Lord, passed away at the age of 102. Sterling sold the very first Berenstain Bears book, The Big Honey Hunt, to Ted (Dr. Seuss) Geisel at Random House in 1961. I knew Sterling from childhood on through my own professional working life. He […]

The Berenstain Bears’ 60th Anniversary

This month marks the 60th birthday of the first Bear book from Stan & Jan Berenstain, The Big Honey Hunt! Since 1962 Stan, Jan, and later Mike Berenstain would go on to publish over 500 books about the Bear family, translated into 20 different languages, with over 350 million books sold to date. The Berenstain Bears […]

Earth Day with the Berenstain Bears

Earth Day is here, and the Berenstain Bears are ready to celebrate! The themes of eco-conservation, recycling, and “going green” have been a prominent part of the Berenstain Bears books, starting in the Berenstain Bears’ Science Fair published in 1977 (now a part of The Berenstain Bears Big Book of Science and Nature). In that […]

Christmas Traditions with the Berenstain Bears

You may have passed down holiday traditions but have you thought about trying out some new ones this year? A lot has changed in the past year and a half and we encourage you to embrace the change and try a few fun Christmas activities inspired by the Berenstain Bears that could soon turn into […]

Halloween Reading List

Spooky Season is here an we have the perfect reading list to get your cubs ready for Halloween! The Bear family dresses up, face their fears, and have lots of fun in all of these classic Berenstain Bears stories. Happy Reading and Trick or Treat!

Adventures at the Beach with the Berenstain Bears

During the summers of his childhood, Mike Berenstain remembers the annual trips he would take with his family to his grandparent’s beach house in Brigantine, NJ. The Berenstains’ fondness for the beach comes up often in the bear books, and can even be seen in their early “All in the Family” cartoons published years prior […]

Valentines Day with The Berenstain Bears

This Valentines Day more than ever is a great time to send some valentines in the mail! We’ve pulled together some special valentines that you can print out on your own, or save and send via e-mail! We recommend right clicking and saving before you do either. We hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! […]

Thanksgiving Reading List

Family time, lots of yummy food, giant pumpkins, what could be better? Here in Bear country we will be fitting as much Thanksgiving in as we can this November. So, to celebrate we have pulled together a reading list of our favorite Berenstain Bears Thanksgiving stories to get your family ready for the holiday. Enjoy, […]

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