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I Can Read Summer Reading List

Summer is here! Summer vacation may mean trips to the beach, travel, or quality time outdoors, but it is also a great time to help your cubs gain confidence in their reading. Whether you make time during a rainy day indoors or while traveling to your next destination, it is always worthwhile to read with your little ones. Our summer reading list below includes some of our “I Can Read” books, all at a Level 1. This level is just right for readers who are beginning to sound out words and sentences. Each story features simple sentences and familiar words. To learn more about I Can Read Books, visit their website, and be sure to check out our reading list below!

Around the World

The Berenstain Bears Around the World

From the plains of Africa to the Great Wall of China, there are more sights to see than points on a map! The Bear Family travels fantastic new places alongside Professor Actual Factual in this I Can Read story.

Around the World Image



Respect Each Other

The Berenstain Bears Respect Each Other

Gramps and Gran go on a picnic with Mama and Papa Bear and the cubs. As the family searches high and low for the perfect picnic spot, they end up learning a few things about good manners and respecting others.

Respect Each Other Image



Seashore Treasure

The Berenstain Bears Seashore Treasure

The Bear family is all set to have a relaxing time at the shore–but that’s before Papa Bear finds a treasure map! Now Papa Bear, Brother Bear and Sister Bear are diving into the task of finding the booty. Might it be silver, gold, glittering diamonds or rubies?

Seashore Treasure Image


Kitten Rescue

The Berenstain Bears Kitten Rescue

In The Berenstain Bears Good Deed Scouts Kitten Rescue, the Scouts spot a little kitten stranded in a tree. Their rescue of the kitten becomes a community effort and in the end Muffy and her owner are reunited!

Kitten Rescue Image


Take Off

The Berenstain Bears Take Off!

The Berenstain Bears attend the Big Air Show at Bear Country Airport and watch jet planes, helicopters, rocket planes, and more, all from inside a hot-air balloon! Everyone’s favorite bear family finds out more and more about the history of flight the higher they soar.

Take Off Image


Help the Homeless

The Berenstain bears Help the Homeless

The spooky, old house on 1 Spook Hill would make the perfect homeless shelter for Bear Country. The Good Deed Scouts and Old Tom better get busy with repairs!

Help the Homeless Image


Gone Fishing

The Berenstain bears Gone Fishin’

Papa can’t wait to use his fancy new gear on a fishing trip with his cubs. But Brother, Sister, and Honey prefer to fish with their bamboo poles and bent pins. Can the cubs’ simple tools be any match for Papa’s shiny new gear?

Gone Fishin Image


Get the Job Done

The Berenstain Bears Get the Job Done

It’s clean-up day at the Bear home, and Brother, Sister, and Honey Bear are asked to clean out their playhouse. But soon the fun of sweeping and dusting wears off and playing baseball sounds much more fun. Will the cubs ever get back to their jobs and accomplish what Mama and Papa asked?

Get the Job Done Image


We Love Baseball

The Berenstain Bears We Love Baseball!

The family enjoys everything the ball game has to offer, from the seventh-inning stretch to catching a fly ball. Papa even takes a shot as the team’s mascot!

We Love Baseball Image



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