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Spring Cleaning Reading List

Spring is right around the corner, and nothing makes you (or a family of bears) feel refreshed and ready for a new season like a good ol’ spring cleaning! We’ve picked a few of our favorites that we think may get your cubs in the cleaning mood; whether its cleaning their room, the house, their community, or even…the Earth!

The Berenstain Bears Clean Up

Spring Clenaing Clean Up 1

In this board book, the Bear cubs work together to clean up their playroom, and later help Mama and Papa clean up the kitchen after enjoying a treat!

Clean Up Image


The Berenstain Bears Don’t Pollute (anymore)

Spring CleanaingDon't Pollute 2

Brother is doing a report about endangered species, so he and Sister visit the museum to talk to Professor Actual Factual about what they can do to help save the environment.

Don't pollute image


The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room

Spring Cleanaing Messy Room 3

Mama and Papa are frustrated that Brother and Sister can’t seem to pick up after themselves. Will the cubs ever learn to clean up their messes?

messy room Image


The Berenstain Bears Clean House 

Spring Cleanaing Clean House 4

It’s time for spring cleaning and the Bear family decides to have a yard sale. Mama Bear goes through the house gathering up all sorts of tattered things—but each tattered thing seems to be someone’s favorite tattered thing! Perhaps spring cleaning will just have to wait until next year.

Clean House Image


The Berenstain Bears Think of Those in Need

Spring Cleanaing Think of Those in Need 5

From closets and drawers to the attic and the basement – Papa, Mama, Brother, and Sister realize that they have too much stuff. But what will they do with it all?

Trouble with Things image


The Berenstain Bears Go Green

Spring Cleanaing Go Green 6

The Berenstain Bears live in a wonderful place filled with green grass, blue skies, and lots of furry friends. But on a fishing trip at the creek, the Bear family discovers that the town dump is overflowing. It’s spilling garbage into the water! Can the Berenstain Bears find a pollution solution before their beloved county is filled with garbage?

go green Image


The Berenstain Bears and the Trouble with Chores

Spring Cleaning Trouble with Chores 7

Papa Bear and the cubs are having some trouble with chores—they don’t want to do them! When they decide to take a break from cleaning, Mama Bear plays along. But what will happen when the mess builds up . . . and up . . . and up?

Trouble with chores images

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